FEDCOM and HBW is an approved All Small Mentor-Protege Program (ASMPP) Company, certified by the Small Business Association (SBA).

Phil Scott (HBW Construction) entered into an All Small Mentor-Protege agreement with Louis Lannutti (FEDCOM) in 2017. The two are working together to qualify FEDCOM for 8a certification.

One of the main goals of this relationship is to provide FEDCOM with developmental assistance. Phil proactively assists Louis with:

  • Strategic business development practices on growing at the right pace
  • Customer satisfaction and appreciation – Hiring the right person for the right job
  • Creating teams that work in sync to achieve milestones
  • Accounting processes developed over years of practice
  • How to lead and not only manage
  • Business Ownership through a focused vision
  • Relationships, resource assistance and establishing creditworthiness

 About HBW Construction

HBW Construction is a full-service commercial construction firm serving the Washington, DC region since 1969. From large-scale transformations to immediate services work, HBW serves each client with a commitment to trust, partnership and attention to detail. With an unmatched reputation for reliability and results, HBW creates leading-edge spaces that reflect the vision and values of the organizations that call them home. www.hbwconstruction.com